Wise Women Of The Aboriginal Dreamtime

Wise Women Of The Aboriginal Dreamtime is a collection of stories brought together by Kate Langloh Parker and edited by Australian writer Lambert.  Kate Parker's life was an adventure which led her through childhood, when she was saved by an Aboriginal girl, through her life on an outback station where she became great friends with several wise aboriginal women who shared their dreamtime stories with her which she translated into English and eventually published.

Kate Parker was very particular about conveying the true account and meaning of each and every one of the aboriginal dreamtime stories that were told to her. There are a total of 14 dreamtime stories which Lambert chose from Kate Parkers collection which convey messages of ancestral powers, magic, animal powers, and healing. The stories provide an insight into major life experiences and traditional aboriginal culture.

This is a well written insightful journey into the life themes of traditional Aboriginal women and their dreamtime  stories.


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