Aboriginal Dreamtime / Creation Stories

Aboriginal dreamtime stories give meaning to human life. Indigenous Australians believe The Dreamtime stories provide connections to their origins as the original inhabitants of Australia. The dreamtime stories trace aboriginal family groups’ ancestors and spirit beings and are closely related to the land. This close relationship with the land is often described by Aboriginal people as ‘Mother’.

Aboriginal people believe that the spirits who created the land, sea and rivers, are also involved in the conception and creation of new life when a baby is born and that the direct link to ancestral beings continue throughout life. Some Dreaming stories are referred to as Creation stories as they are directly associated with the formation of the origins of human life.

Ancestral beings are revered in the Aboriginal communities for their knowledge of the rules for living a respectful life, treating others in a reasonable manner, the management of resources, environmentally sustainable practices, and religious and important cultural ceremonies.

According to Aboriginal culture the Ancestral beings are located in animals, plants, rock formations, waterways and oceans. Dreamtime and Creation stories show that Aboriginal people have always occupied and Australia and in fact have come from the land itself. Research has shown that Australia may have been the cradle of original civilisation and this is supported by hundreds of Dreamtime stories from various Aboriginal groups throughout Australia.

There is also evidence of remains of charcoal dating back to 100,000 years ago, and the oldest known human remains have been found in Lake Mungo in South Australia. Unfortunately as a result of the arrival of Europeans much evidence has been destroyed, however a new theory was put forward in 1996 to support the idea that Australian Aborigines were in fact the first people to inhabit the earth and it described how people migrated around the world to other countries from Australia.

This makes Aboriginal Dreamtime, Creation stories, and Aboriginal Culture a fascinating and captivating subject indeed. No doubt in the fullness of time, more of our ancient heritage will be revealed.

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