Aboriginal Map Of Australia

This extraordinary aboriginal map of Australia depicts the indigenous tribal groups and the areas they inhabited. It also shows in detail the many languages of the aboriginal people.

The map has been painstakingly put together in a project that took several years to complete which included research from the acclaimed 'Encyclopedia of Aboriginal Australia'.

No stone has been left unturned in the compilation of this resource and you will find that it is accurate in detail and scale with respect to the aboriginal culture, language, trade and aboriginal dreamtime. There are also a set of 18 areas, historic sites and culturally specific sites recognised on the map as well.

As an addition to other resources, this map would be a valuable asset in any school, kindergarten or home. It is fully laminated and ready to be placed in a prominent position for all to enjoy and learn from.

The size measures 60 x 85 cm which is perfect for a small group of children to assemble around for teaching purposes. Help preserve the aboriginal culture and aboriginal dreamtime with this magnificent teaching tool for your children. Available to order now at Go Fair Trading.

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