Aboriginal Dreamtime - Butchulla People

Aboriginal Dreamtime Story of Fraser Island.

Fraser Island is situated off the Queensland Coast adjacent to Hervey Bay on the Mainland of Australias Eastern shoreline. Its English name comes from a famous sea captain named Fraser, who was marooned there with his wife in 1836. It is an ancient island dating back some 750,000 years and is home to the Butchulla People and their Aboriginal Dreamtime stories.

This Dreamtime story tells of the Aboriginal God Beeral and how he sent two of his trustworthy messengers named Yindingie, together with his spirit helper K’gari to beautify the world and change the raw material into an island paradise.

So Yindingie and K’gari set off to create paradise. They did such a good job and were so tired after they were finished, that K’gari lay down to sleep in an especially beautiful bay. Whilst she was asleep, Yindingie transformed her body into a long, slim island of crystalline sand. It was the largest island of its type in the whole world.

To make the island paradise even more magnificent, Yindingie made clothes of rainforest and painted her a rainbow of colours. He gave her jewelled eyes in the form of sparkling lakes which became her eyes into heaven. He decorated the skies with magnificent birds, and so that she wouldn’t be lonely he gave the island a tribe of Aboriginals who are the Butchulla People.

Butchulla People pass on the Aboriginal Dreamtime stories from generation to generation and in their language K’gari became the word for ‘Paradise’.

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