Aboriginal Dreamtime - Puppet

This beautifully made aboriginal elder puppet is ideal for telling Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime stories to children. Children of all cultures will be captivated and focused on each and every story, as you and the puppet elder narrate authentic stories from the dreamtime.

A great addition to this story telling puppet would be our hugely successful Dreamtime Stories - Jirrbal 
It includes 6 authentic dreamtime stories from the North Queensland area and includes hunting and gathering techniques and an insight into the Jirrbal language.

The teaching of Aboriginal Culture is such an important aspect to childrens development and learning in Australia. Recognition and awareness of Australias rich Indigenous culture is a critical component to any early learning environment and this is a perfect way to ensure the message is received and enjoyed by everyone.

A puppet can often make more of an impact for story telling purposes than we actually realise. One of the main difficulties a teacher will encounter is a child's relatively short attention span. A puppet can make all the difference, holding a childs attention and focus for the entire story. It is a great teaching aid that children of all ages adore, and a great way to enhance the aboriginal culture learning experience and dreamtime story telling.

The puppet has been made from felt in Nepal through a Fair Trade agreement, and has also been tested and CE approved.  The felt material used to make the puppet is 100% natural and the dyes used in the manufacturing process are non-toxic. Order your Aboriginal Dreamtime Puppet from Go Fair Trading now.

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