NAIDOC Week 2011

NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee and each year in July, celebrations are held across Australia to mark the achievements, culture and history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

In 2011 events and celebrations will take place during the week of 3 - 10 July around Australia and this years theme is: Change: the next step is ours. This years focus city is Sydney where many important ceremonies and events will take place.

Local activities suggested by NAIDOC include the following:
    Even More Tales of My Grandmother's DreamtimeCountry of the Heart: An Indigenous Australian Homeland
  • Hold a community flag raising ceremony
  • Display Indigenous posters around your school or class room - (for information on where to get posters call the Indigenous Co-ordination Centre on 1800 079 098)
  • Invite your local Indigenous elders to speak at your school or work.
  • Listen to Indigenous music.
  • Study Indigenous Australians.
  • Research and compile a history of the traditional Indigenous owners of your area.
  • Study Aboriginal arts and crafts.
  • Read or Listen to a Dreamtime story on CD.
  • Start an Indigenous hall of fame featuring any local role models and achievers.
  • Create your own Aboriginal art.
  • Visit Indigenous websites such as NAIDOC on the Internet.
  • Make up your own Indigenous trivia quiz.
  • Visit Indigenous sites of significance and interest in your local area.
  • Learn the meanings of Aboriginal place names, both locally and nationally.


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