My People's Dreaming

Max Dulumunmun Harrison, otherwise known as Uncle Max, is an Aboriginal Elder of the Yuin people who are from the south coast of New South Wales. Uncle Max has been kindly sharing his vast cultural knowledge with others for over 30 years. He has taken over 6,000 people onto country, clearly explaining Aboriginal  culture and the intricate understandings of the bush environment.

My People's Dreaming: An Aboriginal Elder Speaks on Life, Land, Spirit and Forgiveness'My People's Dreaming' is a rare book, with Uncle Max's personal insights into traditional Yuin teachings and culture.   There are stunning photos and, Uncle Max explains the significance of the Creation Dreaming which is the story of his people's creation, including bush lore, bush foods, amazing ways of healing, cultural laws, punishment and spirituality. Uncle Max also explains the connection of his people's relationship to the land, as well as outlining his personal philosophy of forgiveness.
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