What Is Aboriginal Dreamtime?

Aboriginal Dreamtime or 'The Dreaming' for the Indigenous people of Australia is part of Aboriginal culture and refers to a time when the Ancestral Beings moved across the land and created life and significant geographical features on the landscape.

The Dreaming, or 'Tjukurrpa' in aboriginal Arrernte language, also means to 'see and understand the law'. This is extremely important in Aboriginal culture.

Dreaming stories pass on important knowledge through generations, and include cultural values and beliefs.  They are passed on through song and dance, and painting and storytelling. All these forms of expression help to impart the knowledge to the younger generation and are responsible for maintaining a link with the Dreaming from ancient times to present day. This creates a rich cultural heritage which is known to be the longest continuous cultural history of any group of people on Earth. 
It is estimated that this history dates between 50,000 and 65,000 years. Before the European settlement of Australia, there were around 600 different Aboriginal nations, sadly the numbers have diminished, but the culture remains alive, significant and strong from Broome in the North to Hobart in the South.

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