Dreamtime Story - The Biggest Frog

A very long time ago in the Dreamtime, The Biggest Frog in Australia woke up thirsty. He was so very thirsty that he drank all the water from all the oceans, from the lakes and rivers, the billabongs and puddles, and even drank all the water from the clouds in the sky. When he was finished, the earth was very dry, and the other animals were very are thirsty.

The wise old Wombat suggested to the other animals that they should try to make the biggest frog laugh a lot, so that the water would spill out of his mouth so that everyone could have some. But alas the biggest frog in Australia could hardly hear the Kookaburra's jokes, and he was tired and just yawned at the Kangaroo attempting to make him laugh by doing acrobatics. Koala tried waddling around in a ridiculous way, but still had no luck in making the biggest frog in Australia laugh.

Are you curious to know what will make the biggest frog in Australia laugh?

This is a great Dreamtime story for ages 5-7 and is wonderfully illustrated. A great additional for home or school - the children just love it!

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